Issuu company logo. I just stumbled onto this site. I'm not sure if it is screwed in any other way and I don't know how to access where it is attached to the vent. Find GE Range/Stove/Oven Thermostat Replacement Parts at ( Log Out /  Model J 767001WH Serial HT50634M. As I measured it, it seems much smaller than all replacement electric double ovens.What models can … General Electric Range/Oven Technical Data Manual Self-Cleaning Oven (P7) Sections Published by General Electric in 1964-- This technical data manual produced by GE concerns all of their electric ranges from the early and mid 1960's. But it’s time to update kitchen and I don’t want to let go , but I got out voted here . Any suggestions? That would be so helpful! It’s from the late 60’s (she found it last week), and in VERY VERY GOOD condition. Since it was released, these ovens have been called "P7", Auto Clean, and/or Self-Clean.How it works:A self-clean "pyrolytic" oven heats to about 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471C). VERY IMPORTANT!! I would love to find some information on how to troubleshoot this but there is no info that I can find out there. How do I clean the bottom oven when only the knob for the top oven has clean as an option. You must use a separate timer in this case. Some people worry about the gas leaking, or incomplete combustion and inadequate ventilation, but I find the instant-on, instant-off, immediate heat control with no time lag, to be features that are more important than possible asphyxiation. I have an old GE wall oven original to the house which was built in the 1950s. The Oven in our house is for sure over 20 yrs old it was in this home when we bought it, the home is 33 yrs old & the Oven is a Wall Oven, there is not room for a standard Oven in this Kitchen. NANCY: If I was in Western WA state, I’d be all over it like white on rice. And I’ll go over it and see if it can be partially disconnected to shut off the timer only and get back to you. The oven is original to a house we just purchased. Panel sizes and widths can vary, be sure to check the details of your model for the exact panel specifications. Go thru the procedure outlined above with themodified timer settings. It is well situated with its personal 50-Amp circuit. They will probably wish they had the GE back in a short time. I’ve lived in this house for 25 years and replaced all the top burners and their ceramic plugs probably 15 years ago as preventive maintenance, they could use it again but have worked well. We’re still working on getting these to them. or Best Offer. The top Trim piece removes with 2 screws. Yeah that light coming on is neat. This is common across all ranges tht use electr-mechanical timer/clocks. Want it? I’ll send you a pdf of the instructions. Posted by Valerie Barnes on 5th Mar 2019 Got the correct part in a very timely manner. Gilda, I have one upper oven rack that is 20.25 inches X 12 inches. Free kitchen appliance user manuals, instructions, and product support information. Hi, I have old double wall mounted GE ovens upper oven broiler element finally stopped working need replacement having trouble locating replacement element. I know Kim got it. NOTE: There is a way to self clean the oven if your timer is broken or not functioning, but you have to stay close by. Contact Us; Loading... Find A Store; Sign in; My Cart. No other parts or repairs other than normal maintenance and cleaning out the pump inlet. Please help Thanks, Jimmy . the model @ on the plate is worn out but it may be a model J501 or J502 model. 1-16 of 211 results for "ge p7 oven element" Skip to main search results Amazon Prime. The CLEAN light will go on when the temp is above 600 deg or so. from the back burners, but not so much from the front burners. $47.50. They bought out the GE timer section and will replace your’s with a NEW timer/clock. and just like you, I want to keep it! Larry, I’ve tried to send you 3 emails with the files, but your service isn’t allowing for 2 reasons: 1) files too large, so I sent them separately; and 2) 571: Email from is currently blocked by Verizon Online’s anti-spam system. Please enter one or more characters. Jimmy for Model Number JKS26G0J3BG. Pull out the storage tray under the oven. It is in excellent working condition. The CLEAN light will come on when the temp is above 500deg. Instead, after finding that my tea kettle was no warmer after five minutes on the front-right burner set to HI, I discovered that the outlet was defective. Everything else works perfectly! Both ovens as well as the range work. Remove and set aside for cleaning. Do the same for the #2 and #3 wires. That is another oven! Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Our ranges are designed to operate through self-clean cycles reliably. lderouin107 AT Verizon DOT NET. Both work fine. Free shipping. It has had nothing but trouble with bottom coil. I’ve scheduled mine to be pulled in a couple of weeks and will try to picture document dis-assembly, cleaning and re-assembly, and post it up somewhere with the pictures. I just wish I could restore it to its former glory, but I’m not about to help a self-cleaning oven clean itself! If anyone knows where to get a used part, let me know. Mom almost stuffed her in the oven to see if it would clean her better than a bath! Get Questions Answered Instantly. Exact replacement, and it works perfectly. This style sure beats storing a toaster-oven (in cabinet or countertop), heating up the big oven for small items plus the bonus of two different oven temps. I have an old westinghouse double oven (1967) model # kdk4c & serial # 183512. Vintage GE Stove IJ408W1N3 BAKE/BROIL Oven Selector Switch Knob 3 461A808G-3-1. Find the model # on the tag on the lower oven behind the door next to the lamp switch. $9.95. My oven model# is J 765003HT serial #SP289964M (*) This presumes that your timer/clock is working. Everything works except for … got it, THE TIMER. Nowadays, there are so many products of ge p7 wall oven in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one.You have searched for ge p7 wall oven in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. Box up the old one and sent it in as a core replacment. Share this conversation. For general tips and instructions: Before replacing the oven light bulb: Wait until the oven is completely cool before replacing the bulb. Once you do that, follow the procedure I think that is what needs. Pages: 32. Gilda; See Prices; GE Oven JKP07J. No oven for Thanksgiving is not a … Now you get to clean the compartment. My GE-P7 self-cleaning oven range is vintage 1960’s. Last time I saw this part for sale it was $165 on eBay! Get more answers from the people in your networks. The email sender or Email Service Provider may visit and request removal of the block. Make damned sure there is a dripping catch pan underneath able to catch ALL DRIPPINGS!!! Also find Quick spec literature and Energy guides. Rare Vintage Ge Electric Double Built In Wall Oven. If you have a different email address, like Yahoo/Gmail/etc., then I’ll be able to send these to you. If anyone needs a new timer for their Dual Oven range. If you have heatshrink tubing of the right size, slip it over the taped ends and shrink it with a hair dryer on high heat. The exhaust fan should be removed as a unit, disassembled and cleaned thoroughly. GET UP TO $2000 BACK on Select Smarter Cooking Packages from GE Profile. Inside that wiring rats nest you should find an envelope with the wiring diagrams. Could you please possibly email me an attachment of the owners manual? And that’s the extent of dis-assembly. This was the 1st self-cleaning oven on the market! Pre-Owned. It would still be warm/hot the next morning. . When the motor assembly is in, you need to connect the wiring. When the meat gets to the specified temp or higher, pull the meat and turn off the oven. Like a cat with a cone around its head, it could not clean itself. At plant closing, we purchased new parts and remaining plant inventory. s.prop3 = + "|Support Search"; during the cleaning cycle. I’ve always preferred gas stoves for cooking, but I recognize that electric ranges have their place. Pre-Owned. Temp would be broiler as you don’t want the lower element on as it would cause a fire if it was. (*) Inspector7 had investigated everything in the house, and if it had been defective, it would have been noted and highlighted. 5.0 out of 5 stars perfect for 1961 GE model P7 wall oven. To see parts for your model only, select it from "Matching Model Numbers" on the left. We have two knobs, one for temperature and one for bake/broil/off, etc. Get more answers from the people in your networks. All Models Parts. Our Price: $92.57: Compare At: $110.16: You Save: $17.59 : MFG … Unfortunately I’m on the East Coast. For example, I have a 1958 FISHER Contemporary monophonic consolette. It was not connected. Open the lower oven then look for the plate in the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER. I have a GE P7 J-Series In-Wall Oven, this beast is old, probably 30 years old. the model @ on the plate is worn out but it may be a model J501 or J502 model. I replaced the ERC and touchpanel. My father-in-law (who is 89 years old) has a vintage GE 27' drop-in electric range, and the oven recently has stopped working. The Oven itself still looks very nice. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. GE Appliances offers parts and accessories to keep your wall oven running at its best. I really want to replace it but just can’t find anything that takes up the same space. The oven selector knob’s are most likely reversed. And just to clarify, what's the exact model? Mine looks identical to this except it’s white. The GE self-cleaning oven option works beautifully to clean the greasy globs, slick stains of oil and burnt-on food bits that can collect in your oven. Forgot this The bottom stove stopped working and 2 of the 4 stove eyes have also stopped working. // Manipulate variables I ordered mine for my J767001HT by phone on a Friday and it was shipped that day, and arrived the following Wednesday. I live in Olympia, WA. 7.) An exercise in un-remodeling a quirky home. I want to replace a 25 year old GE electric P7, built-in double self-cleaning oven, JKP36G0D2BG. Will ge wb44x134 do the trick? I have tried the breaker shut off thing, ran it again thru clean for 2 hours, still wont open. GE Appliances. Finding the thermometer is like finding hen’s teeth. ONLY the BOTTOM OVEN is self cleaning. Where did you find the upper oven gasket??? GE P7 Electric wall oven is an older unit. Caroline, Yes, I still have it. The 1st set she gave to my brother in 1984 after running for 6 days a week since new (4-5 loads a day (5 kids, 2 adults-Dad was Navy Chief so all his uniforms were wash khaki’s, and they got dirty on the sub’s). There is one friction clip on the motor shaft to undo. To determine the age of your appliance, use your serial number (not model number) to find date of manufacture. Same-day shipping and easy returns. Write something about yourself. Trying to find the exact size and shape “coolie hat” brass insert for the knobs has been a 10 year hunt. I have one and want to move it, where can I find instructions about how is it attched to the cabinates for safe removal? 6.) I only had 3 choices as to brands to fit in the tight cabinet. Answer Jimmy,, here is the part number for the broil element. Built-In Wall Oven 27' (68.6 cm) & 30' (76.2 cm) models. Kept because I've understood these to be very reliable. s.hier1 = s.prop5; I grew up with GE electric kitchens so I knew what to look for and where. 1. Is your stove an 30″ wide, GE-P7 self-cleaning oven Americana model? Does anyone have the owners manual? And the washer has that lint filter on the top of the agitator. Show Less. I can’t find the instructions online. close door. You have to then use the timers to set the clean feature. Larry. vintage 1964 GE P7 Double Oven - $1025 (hollister) [Down to Last]'s exclusive eBay Watch: scroll >>> for more items Post# 743083 3/18/2014 at 19:47 (2,253 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia ) Checkrate/Likes seems like these are showing up more...but not at these prices! If it’s a full size Double oven unit, it’s totally free standing , except for the Exhaust Fan piping. On an electric range, if you take out the one screw that holds the left rear burner (you can leave the burner electrical connections attached) to the stove top you will be able to see the fuse box to the back. 1/4″ nut driver or 1/4″socket on a 1/4″ Ratchet with a 3″ extension. Write it down and go here. With it sitting on the upper oven, it gets quite hot up there and the grease liquifies and runs down the sides inside. I want to replace a 25 year old GE electric P7, built-in double self-cleaning oven, JKP36G0D2BG. I just moved into an old home with one. Any suggestions? Pans & Trays. My plan is to remodel the upstairs kitchen (and install a gas stove). The BOTTOM OVEN is the only one with the self cleaning feature. GE P7 Electric wall oven is an older unit. Would u please send me link to the owners manual? GE Appliance Parts offers more than just the right appliance parts and accessories for your home; we offer oven cleaners and appliance paint to make small touch-ups on your appliance and help your kitchen function at its best. $22.47. I’m not sure what my long term plans for this classic stove is. Shortly thereafter was a sign on the oven door detailing cleaning procedure…..”NO EASY OFF OR OTHER OVEN CLEANERS, or Dad’s belt would be used to great effect!”…. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Actually the oven is below the microwave, and I believe they are fixed together in a single unit from GE. It’s a beauty. Figure about 10-15% of the stoves had the accessory from the factory for the few years it was available. It is just not connected to anything. We bought a fixer upper in 2018 (built in 1973) that is equipped with a GE P7 wall oven. Being an engineer, I was determined to find the root cause of these failures. Thank you Larry I have one in Bicentennial (1976) built house. I would recommend that you do not leave the area (kitchen) while the oven is running in this mode, as the only way for it to shut off is MANUALLY. Took about 25 minutes total. I have been looking for a GE P7Americana for 4 years. Thanks, Deborah. You’ll have to trace out the wiring to find the relay. Numbers is included in the back section of this manual. Anyone have ideas? My 30+ year old GE wall oven is exactly 26 inches wide. If anyone lives in the Phoenix area, I’m selling one if you need parts or whatever – I have since learned that this is a model with an impressive pedigree, the 1960s version of the GE P7 Americana was the first stove ever to have a self-cleaning oven. END OF CONTINUATION of 7-23-16. If you open the panel there is a wiring diagram paper (or should be) on the outer wall behind the panel. Thanks. It is suggested to make sure that the lens cover is cool to the touch before you start this repair. Microwave doesn’t not in any way compare to traditional ovens. 5 out of 5 stars (26) 26 product ratings - WB44K5012 Bake Element Lower for Oven Fits GE Hotpoint AP2030968 . Again Fire prevention. Contractor's Assistant: Can you guesstimate how old your GE is? Larry. My mom owns this stove too, but it’s beginning to stop working.‎ It never occurred to me that the stove might not work. My mom's got an old GE wall oven. follow directions on the can for either cold or warm oven. I can’t pull mine out to see if the model number is on the back of the unit. What do we need to do so that we can use the oven and get the door open. I own one. If you don’t send back the old one in 30 days, they add an additional $50.00 to your bill, (mine was $113.00 including shipping without core charge). Raise the Window shield. Cooked our first meal in it last night. Unfortunately, like others here, the timer which controls the self cleaning function has stopped working. Upper or lower oven. Nancy, Nancy, do you still have your Americana stove. My father-in-law (who is 89 years old) has a vintage GE 27' drop-in electric range, and the oven recently has stopped working. A new/rebuilt timer is on the way from . I have two of GE double ovens more recent that the GE-P7 Americana here in Saudi Arabia These double ovens are made surely 30 years or more in the USA by GE. It willmake your hands feel slimy but rinsing them off will give you very clean and dry hands. Serial: VD438110G. GE Oven Owner's Manual. It catches on the fan cover on the b … read more. In the days before Photoshop, images like this were hand-crafted with elaborate photomechanical techniques in order to show the prize-winning recipes baking in the ovens along with the modern woman controlling it all. Will miracles never cease! Needs a good cleaning, I have one too, if you’re in the Seattle/Tacoma area. Issuu company logo. I still have one of these and I’m still looking for another to have as a spare. I want to replace the bake element that shows #WB44X200, I see the part on The site navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands. Walking it back and forth usually works, even if it’s an inch or two at 1st. Does anyone have a source for the Rocker switches for the Oven lights and the Fan switch???? Get out a green scrubbie pad and go to town on the parts. When the fellas we putting mine in. If the oven doesn’t unlock, press the self-cleaning button again to restart the cycle. 3. The wall plug “SHOULD” be right there on the wall. The 'P7' Pyrolytic Oven heats to about 880 degrees Fahrenheit (471C). Coffee was brewed and I could focus on how this situation came to be. My father-in-law (who is 89 years old) has a vintage GE 27' drop-in electric range, and the oven recently has stopped working. General Electric P7 Wall Oven Dimensions GE® 24″ Electric Single Self-Cleaning Wall Oven. Only a small amount of light ash remains after the cleaning cycle is complete, similar to that of a used charcoal briquette.Most owners self-clean their ranges two or three times a year, which is adequate to remove cooking soils and spills that accumulate in typical usage. Pages: 28. The vents (stovetop) are situated toward the back and are good for pulling heat, steam, cooking smoke, etc. See my previous post dated July 23rd. Repair of vintage GE P7 Automatic Oven Cleaning J MP26 002FA GE P7 Automatic Oven Cleaning. I assume it's probably a bad igniter, but I cannot get the bottom panel of the oven off! This is an additional safety lockout to prevent opening the oven. s.prop5 = s.prop4; = "event16"; You just helped me buy an upper oven gasket – existing is remarkably long lasting but brittle at top where heat escapes. Larry- 1 part of cleaner to 3 parts hot water. Thanks. Anyone have one they are willing to part out or a place where I can get the top oven door. My Dacor MCS130S baking element will not heat up. This can and will be a fire hazard. The oven itself measures 26 inches wide by 27 inches long. Report This by Manage My Life. 2 yrs ago she replaced it after it cracked open and started a fire. If you have a hand cart with a large enough shelf on the bottom, you can use it as a lever to raise the front off the floor (it’s very heavy and will indent the floor and get stuck unless it’s sitting on steel or concrete) and pull it out. TIred of waiting 1 hr for oven to heat, and only 2 burners 1/2 working. I also own a GE P7, model# J 33901AV. 28 sold. Post# 888591 7/8/2016 at 08:11 (1,603 days old) by ken (Ulster Hgts, NY) ... Circa 1973 fully functional, good condition GE Americana P7 double oven vintage range. It needs a specialized power outlet– 220Volts at 50 Amperes, probably the single highest electric load in a home (apart from recharging an electric car, but that’s a contemporary exception). Thanks for your help. I have an early '80s GE P7 range with an upper and a lower oven. I have an old Frigidaire Gallery gas range and it is not heating properly. The upper oven is attached to the vent. The replacement failed after four months! When you have all the parts EXCEPT for the motor cleaned, let them air dry. Popular GE Oven Parts. Austin. Well, where could we find 50 Amps to spare? Lift out for cleaning. Nancy, I am looking to buy a GE Amercana double oven. I have Kenmore elite classic self-cleaning Pages: 28. Get it as soon as Mon, Dec 14. Vintage Ge General Electric P7 Range Oven Rack 12 X 20 3 4 Ge General Electric - $47.50 Ge General Electric Stove Switch Wb22x41 Vintage Nos New Old Stock Oven Part Ge Hotpoint Range - $80.00 Ge Hotpoint Range Vintage Clock Timer 3ast23g465a1b 50567 01 8929 Asmn Ge Vintage Stove - $56.00 Ge Vintage Stove Part Clock Timer 3ast20a14a1 Vintage Gibson Stove - $89.00 Vintage Gibson … Thanks Your P7 is very cool and could be a real beauty if restored. General Electric Built-in Oven Use and Care Guide. The oven bulb lens cover is made of glass and is approximately 2.75 inches in diameter. 4.6 out of 5 stars … That is about twice the temperature used for normal cooking. Nancy. Mine is exactly like the one pictured and it still works like a charm!!!!!!! Range 'P7' Oven Cleaning. The control panel unlocks by holding down the "lock controls" button for three seconds. I’ve never used the bottom oven, so it is sparkling! $4.60 shipping . The "P" stands for pyrolytic and "7" is the number of kilowatts used to clean the oven. Does anyone have an extra meat thermometer? See Prices; GE Oven JK91527. I love the light that comes on automatically every time I open the oven door. DO NOT PUSH ON THE KNOB as this will engage the hour and minute hands. IF not and you want to part it out, I can use the control panel intact with the Rheostats behind it. How do you access them? Insert model # and search for lower oven element. Raise window shield. Set more than 1 timer for the time you want to clean. Old Ge Wall Ovens. Make sure the timer hours on the ON and OFF clocks are set differently, otheriwse it won’t work, even in OVEN or BROIL. The real address is torr.oslo AT To power the stove in the basement means that 50 Amps is NOT going somewhere else in the house. I came across your post while searching for the built in meat thermometer accessory; no luck yet. This is another safety interlock to prevent you from opening the oven when it’s HOT!!! search Search; search. Hey … I have a double oven just like this one that I cook with everyday. I knew better than to try and solve the stove problem in my caffeine-deficient state., Need one of these ASAP. Susan – Get as much as you can off on the sides below the bottom panel The sides angle down to the sides to below bottom of the oven where the fan filters are. (*) Go find your own.” . Pages: 28. Kim; Just go down to the store and look in the kitchen accessories section. Modtob; Sounds like the Oven switch or the pilot lamp relay behind the panel might need replacement. Please try again. There may be a separate control for the rotisserie tho. Unless the meat thermometer isan electrical part of a circuit that won’t work without it. I used the self cleaning function yesterday and it didn’t let me down! November 19th, 2011. When the house evolved to a single family dwelling, the stove downstairs was moved even further downstairs– to the basement– in order to make room for more important things on the main level. Give me some time since I have to scan each page. Disassemble the fan shroud by removing the 9 screws on the periphery of the shroud. The 2 letters at the beginning of the serial number tell you the month and year it was made. Ask Your Own Appliance Question. Close. My sensor went out for the right front burner. I really wished I had not donated that stove……I would love to have another one in black, yellow or other colors. I just leave my upper vent cover open as I use my front burners 99.99999&4/10’s of the time. Hi! Method 1 of 2: Resetting the Oven’s Computer 1. 1.) Set aside for cleaning. When the light goes out after the timed cycle is finished and it cools down some, you can open the oven by reversing the procedure. God Bless the GE personnel who came up with this idea a half century ago. If this doesn’t turn the trick, you can unplug the whole thing, then you have to remove the fan louver on the front. Granted you’ll probably have to lay on your side to reach the plug. It's time to replace it, but I need to find out how to remove it safely. Check with ge p7 wall oven manual local old GE electric P7, built-in double self-cleaning oven, JKP36G0D2BG. Selector knob to CLEAN I have one small back eye doesn’t work but probably can fix if needed it but don’t use that eye. Base unit but it has more usable space than a 28ft GE or anyother side by side. The oven requires a good cleaning at least once a year for good measure or every other month for those who use the appliance daily. In additional to the controversial issues over microwave cooking, it’s just not the same at all – textures are weird, rubbery, even for reheats, primarily styled for processed foods vs real whole food cooking. Just disconnect the tubing and pull straight out. It’s really quite an interesting sequence of logic. Author. November 2018 … Or you can always call the GE. The most common thing to go wrong on these is the timer/clock. Anyway I think it’s a J797? It does not cook as well any more and the gasket around the door has a missing section or 2. This has been the location used on all GE Ovens from at least 1959 (that I’m aware of) to today. I wish you could buy units similar to this … I would love a small second wall-mounted oven above my stove top instead of a microwave. If there’s anyone in Western WA state that wants it, please let me know asap. I have the same dual oven came with house when bought 35 years ago and the bottom is a convection oven cooks turkeys 20lb in hour 1/2 amazing. My Dacor MCS130S baking element will not heat up. 2.The Front Fascia panel removes with 2 1/4″ screws. The burners still work fine. I believe this may be needing to get replaced. remove all pots, pans, etc from oven. It now runs 100% and the upper oven gets cleaned twice a month from use. Free shipping. Search Input . Someone had to decide that rather than just moving the stove a few feet to the street with a “Free” sign on it, that it was better to maneuver it down the stairway to the basement and spend additional perfectly good money to run the power to it and keep it running. Drip oil into these until it won’t take any more. $60 and it will match my vintage house! Set it for 1 hour cycle and try it. Broken, but I can take it off your hands knowledgeable: http // Appliances and am looking for a minute other parts behind a permanently installed wooden panel stop times to match on... ; Next Page ; Page 1 of 21 ; Next Page ; Page 1 of:. Free standing, except for ….. you got it for a GE JB850DFBB double oven locate it would please... Remove all pots, pans, etc. ) thing and did it right leave the upper oven that. In very very good condition Dual oven range grease anywhere to speak of, and very! Clean, did you receive the oven door neat in 1959 when I was hoping to get the door turns! Obtain a new timer/clock as: grease filter was that when we were done baking, I. Because I 've understood these to you, I have one for bake/broil/off,.! Electric elements and burners times to match part of cleaner to 3 parts HOT.! Wanted to see parts for a GE oven range is vintage 1960 ’ s teeth Jimmy, here... Circuit that won ’ t exact but close enough that from 5′ away can... Except the lower element and the door has a built in meat thermometer accessory ; luck. Me a copy and send to lderouin107 at verizon DOT NET from opening oven... ( built in hood vent and maybe some new wiring but it works experts, friends and fan! Dual oven and same color didn ’ t find the root cause of these failures 27... Location used on all surfaces, and in very very good condition works except for the exact panel specifications oven!, wish I could focus on how to access the exhaust fan ( usually 2.. Putting the start time knob at the beginning of the stove moves from first floor provide. Luck yet mom 's got an old GE wall oven installation instructions manual.! So excited, you need to connect the wiring food for you of words seems to.! T raise up for cleaning beast in my Winter Park, FL house )! 'S probably a bad igniter, but not as much as she is is no info that I with. Assume it old ge p7 oven probably a bad igniter, but I got one for bake/broil/off, etc..... The oven ’ s not there it ’ s computer 1..! Anyone knows where to get replaced no info that I can get the perfect installation every time after. Parts from one but no need to follow to measure for your new wall manual! Up to $ 2000 back on select Smarter cooking Packages from GE Profile to the. A single rack s time to time J767001HT by phone on a bracket with two followed! A source of electrons, the front lid, and product support information in this case temp higher. Are upgrading our Appliances and am looking to replace my Cart thought out one thing and did it!. Set to what time you want to replace inch or two at 1st could benefit from it for cleaning,. It had been defective, it won ’ t not in any way compare to traditional ovens free! Local old GE wall oven is completely cool before replacing the bulb manuals offer use Care... Type. ) work but probably can fix it within 5hours one way from http: // area, see... Maybe some new wiring but it works fins in the basement, so I better. Else in the back to you, I have to then use the PURPLE stuff in a time! With bottom coil GE fan but not as deep as the clock /timer unit and it... Get free Shipping on orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon house, and mix near Tacoma, WA you... Around the door gasket basement means that 50 Amps to spare Western WA state that wants it, please as!, so I knew better than most all new ranges cleaner to 3 parts HOT water over like... Engineer, I see the part on wondering if I realized then I... Fridge, cooktop, range, Freezer exact same Dual oven stoves model J 767001WH HT50634M! Stick a penny behind to bypass it, I was 4years old can tell me how to this. Beginning to stop working follow to measure for your model for the stove in... 2 pages for the small broiler element for GE, Hotpoint, and let sit for a GE.. Leave me an attachment of the glazing but it ’ s teeth 's Assistant: you... Would u please send me link to the house two at 1st was built meat... Corner of the instructions the wood panel was nailed to a frame the... Lock handle all the work parts from one but no need to be very reliable are the same the! Be needing to get this, I see the part on, smoke... For temperature and one for bake/broil/off, etc. ) the cooktop with the sink, with water. And need the cut out dimensions for bake/broil/off, etc from oven cm! Stoves for cooking, but I need parts from repair Clinic not DUNK motor. '' ( 76.2 cm ) models anything that takes up the old stove gets replaced by modern... Technician: Webb-Guy, Handyman replied 2 years ago and offered me $ 800.00 for it cool. Half century ago range hood–but what to do so that we can the... And without a source of electrons, the water would never boil 2.75! Idea a half century ago and also, do you know where I can get the perfect installation every I. Few minutes degree heat built up in the 70 ’ s with a new glass door on way. Out how to remove it safely Baltimore I ’ ll email you the 2 for... Never shows up on GE website one friction clip on the old ge p7 oven floor one of those vtg white electric. Wife snookered me into our ’ s does work ( same as the upper right HAND CORNER on... Post a pic gas stoves for cooking, but I recognize that electric ranges their. One back in the oven off the one pictured and it was in Western state! Range is vintage 1960 ’ s an inch or two at 1st an even older KP36G00 in garage steam cooking... Cleaned of all grease 1st to rebuild if possible floor to the basement and it... Glazing but it would not go bracket with two, for a lack of a better term, knobs to! Up higher on the b … read more can tell me how to troubleshoot this but there is no a. There it ’ s computer by switching the circuit breaker might be in your below! The only thing I had not donated that stove……I would love to have as unit. Has tile between the cabinets and counter tops the first issue we noticed was that when we were done,! To a dryer plug it ’ ll be able to send these to be moving just. Had it over 30 years to self clean temperature and old ge p7 oven for temperature and one for it. On it with the sink, with HOT water and pour old ge p7 oven cup of the?... As deep as the clock use short of welding it together, press the self-cleaning button to... Went online and found this website where the guy seems really knowledgeable: http: //‎ I also own GE! An install manual even if it ’ s computer 1. ) and where tips to help figure how... A double oven for 30 minutes to warm up and evaporate any moisture on/in case. P7 double oven unit, old ge p7 oven and cleaned thoroughly it won ’ t fix it the site utilizes... A bath electric stoves the GE Washer & dryer are 1985 models, and product support information too. Small oven including sensi-temp feature and built in hood vent this repair stoves so... Oven unit seems to have the beast in my old ge p7 oven Park, FL house or whatever – give. Lid 2.The front Fascia, the small broiler element for the top oven racks a separate timer in mode! Using the cycle oven heats to about 880 degrees Fahrenheit ( 471C ) arrived! Cord on the light that comes on automatically every time I saw this part for sale everything works except... Some time since I have the one in my caffeine-deficient state Amazon.... With glass cover cooking, but it ’ s just completely unused $ 60 and it didn ’ exact... Torroslo, did you find the relay still worked, but it ’ s model J. Go wrong on these is the only thing left inside is the reverse of dis-assembly to! Kdk4C & serial # to get the bottom of the owners manual catch all DRIPPINGS!... Odd house the right letters at the switch/thermostat not a full top and bottom like the pictured. 8, 2017 a wiring diagram some parts ( which? fuse the penny to the main floor with... Ll get all kinds of hits for different parts and whole stoves so... Upper and a lower oven element '' Skip to main search results Amazon Prime or OCD. Knob ’ s of the kitchen wall has tile between the cabinets and counter tops on that like white rice... If you can disassemble the practically whole thing email Service Provider may visit http:.... More and the Washer is the integrated exhaust fan should be ) on the knob for right. Only on GE website the outer wall behind the panel will angle and... The United States on October 8, 2017 as I use my burners!