I then experimented by running the dishwasher with no soap. Cascade Complete ActionPacs dishwasher detergent powers away even 24-hour stuck-on messes for a complete clean. The residue it leaves in the soap dispenser lends credence to that suspicion. The last year or so, the inside of our cheesy GE dishwasher has become coated with white residue that will not come off. Dishwasher 8mos. My Cascade Complete has also turned brown. There’s nothing we can do to help you, sorry. We’ve never heard of that but we think it has gone bad. I know its not my dishwasher because its a brand new dishwasher. First I bought your new improved liquid and it turned to sand and could not be used. Cascade Complete with Bleach Hydroclean Action (it has Oxygen Bleach, and is Power Packed with Enzymes) and it easily cleans away the nasty stains off our tubberware, and it ALWAYS comes out sparkling. One corner of it was chipped away, so at least some water is circulating. What happened to Cascade products? From: MARLENE SLEDGE Subject: cascade with bleach. In turn, not having any phosphates in soaps like dishwashing detergent makes them not as effective – to the point where dishes don’t even get clean. Six Cascade detergents topped the ratings of 22 detergents in Consumer Reports’ latest dishwasher detergent reviews: Cascade Complete (liquid); Cascade Complete With Bleach Hydroclean Action (liquid); Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs With the Power of Dawn (pac); Cascade Complete With Bleach Hydroclean Action (powder); Cascade 2 in 1 With Bleach Hydroclean Action (pac); and Cascade Powerful Cleaning Plus Shine Shield (powder). Thank You!! Mini Desk Refrigerator – Tips to Remember Before Buying, Reviews on Two Amazing Honeywell Thermostats, 6 Tips About What to Wear and Do During Your Appearance in Court For Your Divorce, my vizio soundbar keeps cutting base speaker out, isthere anything i can use if i run out of laundry soap, what else can i use for laundry detergent, cascade complete dish washing detergent takes lettering off dishes, my samsung tv has trouble starting for a minute or two then is ok after warmed up, gifts ideas for employees under 20 dollars, what to uae when you run out of laundry detergeant, can you scan your receipt fof starbucks stars. Your email address will not be published. From what we understand, Cascade has had to change their formula so that there are no phosphates. The phosphate makes the algae grow, which takes oxygen out of the water and supposedly suffocates aquatic life. Cascade Complete Dishwashing Detergent with Bleach Gel UPC 037000433576. I’m thinking that maybe I need to change to a different brand. Combine Clorox stain-fighting and the tough food cleaning power of Cascade Complete Dishwashing Detergent ActionPacs to make unsightly stains disappear and dishes sparkle. Water began discharging on to the floor. Linking to Us | Advertising Info | Privacy Policy | Legal Disclaimer, Six Cascade Detergents with Enzymes Top Consumer Reports' Ratings:  Created on August 4th, 2007. Product Rating 4 /5. Cascade Complete Gel Dishwasher Detergent, Fresh, 45 oz 75 OZ, 4.93 lbs. It’s not Cascade’s fault – check your local government and find out whey they are banning phosphorus. Your email address will not be published. I can only assume that Cascade Complete is clogging my drain line. these do not clean good unless u wash the dishes first and that defeats the purpose of having a dishwasher we bought 2 packsa changing from finish because we belived that no washing before was needed and now i am diappointed. IN-STORE 6 IN STOCK Fort Erie, ON (as of 11:16 PM) Check other stores. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. D. Cascade ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent with Dawn, Citrus. It wasn't strong per se, but it did have a slight bleach smell. Box, 24 / Carton; [ PAG00801EA ] Automatic Dishwasher Powder, 20oz Box; [ PAG34953 ] Dishwasher Detergent – Powder – 85 oz (5.31 lb) – Green. Finally, My husband took the dishwasher apart with the instructions from the internet on U-TUBE. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I can’t believe Cascade is selling this junk that is ruining our machine. I went shopping again and bought my Cascade again. What’s the option? Hi Mary! I heard nothing but complaints about things being greasy and water stained. I use finish rinseaid but it does not help. Trust your dishes to Cascade Complete Gel With the Power of Clorox - the #1 recommended brand in North America. Some people are buying Cascade with phosphorus online and having it shipped to them from other states, it seems. Similar eBay Listings. This seems to do the trick. Item # 193211 Cascade Complete Gel dishwasher detergent powers away stuck-on messes to give your dishes a complete … D. My cascade liquid has turned Brown . I choose to use your competition and publicly talk against your product. It also collected on the bottom of glasses that held water after the load was done. Ready to Go Pro? Ad don’t ask me if my water is hot, if the filter is clean or if I have cleaned out hard water with vinegar. But enzymes and bleach can't play together in gel products because most bleaches, in liquid form, will kill enzymes. Customer not happy with Cascade complete. Required fields are marked *. Keep in mind, my version is Phosphate-ed but still, I don't think one should have less then similar results, even with the new formulas. See caution label on back. Cleans baked on food. This is not by their choice as we see it but by laws being passed by individual states. Add 1 cup of vinegar to the wash cycle once the initial fill up begins. I had problems with Soap but it’s not Cascades fault. Also, please send me a replacement for the orange-the complete is fine, the orange is not. F. ... Cascade ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent with Bleach, Lemon. Of the six, three newer Cascade products have what the manufacturer calls a “Hydroclean Action” bleach-and-enzyme formula. I resumed using the dishwasher. Message Body: I’ve been having problems with your products for some time now. if telling the public and kids that all dads are stupid to sell your product and presumably get even for past man oriented advertising is all you can come up with its time to fire your team. I’ve bought so many bags of it, and they all stick together. Featuring the trusted grease-fighting power of Dawn, Cascade Gel rinses away residue, leaving your dishes sparkling - and ready for your next mealtime masterpiece. I’m filing a complaint about the dishwasher detergent. No, it should not be brown. S ix Cascade detergents topped the ratings of 22 detergents in Consumer Reports’ latest dishwasher detergent reviews: Cascade Complete (liquid); Cascade Complete With Bleach Hydroclean Action (liquid); Cascade 2 in 1 Action Pacs With the Power of Dawn (pac); Cascade Complete With Bleach Hydroclean Action (powder); Cascade 2 in 1 With Bleach Hydroclean Action (pac); and Cascade … Choose a model judged excellent or very good for noise, especially if your. Are you having any of these problems? Good luck! And every pac is formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn. I have used cascade gell for a number of years, the last container I bought it seems to foam up I the dish washer and leaks through the door I keep using less and less of it so it won’t foam and leak out the door. Cascade Complete ActionPacs power away 48-hour stuck-on food, which means you can skip the pre-wash and still get a complete clean. From Shana: I am writing today to express how disappointed I am that I used Cascade Complete Citrus Breeze Scent on my Rubbermaid Tupperware and my childs sippy cups and your product has died everything orange.Something I feel you should know because something should be done about that. //-->. So that’s the situation. Don’t use it. When you have tough stains, reach for Cascade ActionPacs with the Power of Clorox. Cascade Complete is phosphate free, but does contain bleach and enzymes. Get Certified as an Executive Housekeeper... Popular Topics: Housekeeping Tips | House Cleaning Tips | Carpet Cleaning | Stains | Clean My House | Stain Removal Green Cleaning | Cleaning Service | Spring Cleaning | Air Cleaners | Vacuum Cleaners, About The Housekeeping Channel | Contact The Housekeeping Channel | Housekeeping Channel News & Media Cost – $139.63. It gets dishes in the dishwasher clean in states that have banned phosphorus in the detergent. CR's take: Cascade's Free & Clear ActionPacs are formulated without chlorine bleach, heavy perfumes, and dye. google_ad_height = 60; I have been using Cascade Complete. Cascade Complete with Bleach Hydroclean Action Gel Dishwasher Detergent-Fresh Rapids-75ozMake every load a Complete load by putting Cascade Complete's advanced cleaning system with extra enzymes to work for you.Automatic Dishwasher DetergentAll in 1No pre-washingDissolves tough foodRinse aid actionPre-Treating PowerStain Fighting PowerShine Shield PowerHarness the All in … The cascade product says that it "contains sodium carbonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate and chlorine bleach. Why would you sell something that does that? 4668 reviews. In the last for many months the top of my dishwasher did not clean anything. The new Cascade complete immediately left a white film after the first few times I used it and I switched to the new cascade complete with bleach that removes the food and now I have a white film. Order online from Mercato … Cascade Free & Clear dishwasher detergent Gel is designed for your family and delivers the consistent clean you expect from Cascade. • Combines Oxi stain fighting action with Cascade cleaning power. Dishes in dishwashers aren’t getting cleaned as well as they used to be. Then she used the environmentally friendly, phosphate free dishwasher gel that I use and her dishes all came out sparkling clean! D. Top scoring factors: May contain ingredients with potential for chronic aquatic toxicity; acute aquatic toxicity; nervous system effects Animal Testing. Buying Cascade Dish Detergent WITH phosphate From: Bert M. I have gone to many of your websites, but cannot identify the Cascade dishwashing detergent that I had been using, about 4 or 6 boxes in one big box and still with phosphate in it. Cascade Complete Gel + Oxi is tougher than greasy messes and has the power of Oxi to fight tough stains. Cascade Dishwashing Detergent With Extra Bleach Action Dishwasher detergent rinses away residue, leaves dishes sparkling and clean Our Shine Shield formula provides excellent shine for your dishes and glasses The added power of Extra Bleach Action helps to target those hard to clean dish stains like tea Phosphate free dishwasher detergent I have been as a customer big fan of Cascada, been very disappointed in the last one i just brought with dawn in it. Cascade Complete ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent with Dawn, Lemon Burst Scent. There are several solutions being listed and Finish detergent seems to be working well for people. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-6894945228079326"; Over time, your dishes can become stained and discolored from coffee, tea, and other foods. “But of the two agents, bleach and enzymes, liquid detergents can only have one or the other," she confirms. ... Bleach rips up tannin stains like coffee and tea, enzymes attack proteins and break them down into something water-soluble. I was so annoyed with Finish and wanted to scream over the glasses and dishes. From: Shannon N. Subject: dishwasher detergent. And every pac is formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn. I’ve been using Cascade since my first dishwasher in 1959. "I would assume that this would mean it is safe to add regular bleach (which is chlorine bleach, correct?) Farberware is clueless. May irritate eyes or skin. I was really wrong, I have bought Cascade for years (since it first came out) I lost my job so trying to save money I bought Finish which is on sale a lot. The laws aim to keep phosphates out of anything that ends up in the waste water or any water that could end up in lakes. I have a friend who lives in Colorado and her dishes were so cloudy that she planned to buy a new dishwasher. Better find out. That’s because every ActionPac is formulated with the grease-fighting power of Dawn. Keep in mind that while this feature might prove handy, it improved cleaning in only a limited area of the tub. Cascade Complete Dishwasher Detergent Gel, Fresh Date entered: 9/10/2012. Now, the inside of our glasses are coated with a lot of food particles. It took him most of the day. very unhappy homemaker….. From: marcea wolfe Subject: bad dishwasher deterg. Cascade Complete Gel dishwasher detergent powers away stuck-on messes to give your dishes a complete clean. I noticed I have white residue on all my dishes when I use cascade products. google_ad_slot = "5443203743";