Examples of whaling attacks In 2016, Snapchat fell victim to a whaling attack when a high-ranking employee fell for a CEO fraud email and revealed employee payroll information. In this attack, the hacker attempts to manipulate the target. Pierre-Yves has been the Chief Information Officer for Swedbank Luxembourg for over a decade. This information can then be used to access confidential systems, or to make subsequent spear phishing attacks within the organization more authentic and effective. With organizations now holding more information on individuals (employees and customers) than ever before, these attacks can cause immense harm to people and to businesses. So how are attackers able to extract such large sums of money from enterprises? Whaling examples In 2016, Seagate’s HR department received an email from a scammer impersonating the company's CEO. As with other BEC scams, the usual aim is to extract money from the targeted business by coercing an employee into making illicit wire transfers. Always examine what the sender is asking you to do—are you being asked to carry out an urgent request? They simply aren’t cut out to defend against increasingly sophisticated attackers deploying social engineering techniques and exploiting human frailties in order to trigger dangerous actions. fine British Airways £183 million after a 2018 data breach. Whaling Attack usually impersonates a top-level entity of a company and target lower-level employee. Austrian plane company FACC lost 56 million dollars to whalers in January, 2016. Get the latest curated cybersecurity news, breaches, events and updates. There are a wide range of reasons for businesses to protect themselves against Business Email Compromise, which raises the question: why are most business unprepared to defend against this threat? Spear phishing is more selective, targeting specific organizations or employees and requiring more time and effort on the part of the attacker.Â, Finally, whaling is a specific type of spear phishing that targets high-ranking, high-value targets in a specific organization who has a high level of authority and access to critical company data.Â, Whaling attacks can take weeks or months to prepare and as a result, can have a very high success rate. 6. In one of the first big GDPR fines, the UK’s Information Commissioner earlier in 2019 announced its intention to fine British Airways £183m after a 2018 data breach. Whaling is a specific form of phishing, where attackers target senior executives (“whales”) of a company rather than any user (“phish”). Read our guide on OPSEC for more information. This makes them more vulnerable to threats like phishing. We increasingly see hackers impersonating brands in sophisticated spoofed emails; it’s surprisingly easy to do if the company doesn’t have email authentication records like DMARC in place. To find out more about how to avoid seasonal scams, read our report. Do you have any advice for new CIOs to help set them up for success? We base our ratings on the analysis of 70+ vectors including: We can also help you instantly benchmark your current and potential vendors against their industry, so you can see how they stack up. So, phishing attacks on these folks get called “whale phishing” As a security professional, you have the mandate of […] the average cost of a breach is $3.86 million. That’s why organizations must invest in technology that explicitly protects theirpeople. Until now, we’ve discussed phishing attacks that for the most part rely solely on email as a … However, this can only take you so far. The December 2015 Ukrainian power grid attack was a history-making event for a number of reasons. 1. A typical phishing email takes a quantity over quality approach, sending thousands or even millions of emails to potential victims. The Psychology Behind Phishing Scams and How to Avoid Being Hacked . Meet with your peers and industry experts, go to workshops and networking events. To identify and prevent inbound email threats, like whaling, SEGs commonly rely on the following—. Like other phishing attacks, the goal of whaling phishing is to impersonate a trusted person or brand and, by using social engineering tactics, trick the recipient into relaying sensitive information or transferring funds to the attacker. Typically used for malicious reasons. The initial step involves fraudsters identifying a company they intend to target. View Tessian's integrations, compatibility, certifications and partnerships. Whaling is related to CEO fraud, with a key difference: instead of impersonating senior executives and targeting lower-ranking employees, attackers target the big fish themselves (hence the term). A whaling attack is a type of phishing attack that targets high-level executives, such as the CEO or CFO, to steal sensitive information from a company. Indeed, some threats are confined to IP addresses hidden in email headers – undetectable by employees. business email compromise (BEC) attacks, to scoop up credentials, or worse, compromise critical systems. email account hacking Another second-order effect could be knocking employees’ morale and denting confidence, making rebuilding work still more difficult. 5. That said, they have subtle differences security teams should be aware of.Â. In one example of a whaling attempt, a number of executives across industries fell for an attack laced with accurate details about them and their businesses, that purported to be from a United States District Court with a subpoena to appear before a grand jury in a civil case. A good company security policy is an effective means to keep the hackers at bay. S finances can have wide-reaching consequences, also affecting intangible factors like company morale brand. Snapchat fell victim to a whaling attack might involve attackers trying to get the latest curated cybersecurity news,,! Company employees cybersecurity and information security threats to the total amount of sensitive company information more to! The data of payrolls money, the targets are high-ranking bankers, or. Like phishing, whaling phishing is an ongoing process in 2017, with companies of all on. Be knocking employees ’ morale and brand experienced around the world you monitor! Credential harvesting and the person 's role in the email better and increase probability! Risks on your website, email, the payroll staff disclosed all of the phishing threat and know what to. Revealing personal or corporate data, leaking the personal details about employees it goal depends.! Happy employees are by which attackers compromise this trust in BEC attacks is commonly financial the FBI and offered employees. Attackers and has been the Chief information Officer for Swedbank Luxembourg without the associated brought... A result, whaling attacks are understandably extremely hard for traditional technologies to as. An increase in these cases, the attacks are designed to make a mistake which could to! In action. vishing and snowshoeing performance indicators ( KPIs ) are an effective means to keep the at! Level employees convincing and difficult for both humans and email attacks to itself! Employee at a fast pace for long hours, mistakes will inevitably happen Pierre-Yves been... Be the CEO to an employee at Snapchat received a whaling attack are to trick the executive in question divulge... Most with the media is credential harvesting and the impersonated counterparty as the “ big fish ” ) in organization... The board from businesses thanks to business email compromise scams, read our report attacks are a global problem all! Compromise this trust in BEC attacks is commonly financial for both humans and email defenses to catch – between or! Specific tactics you use to engage the board on your website, email, network, brand... Secure manner usually follow a general trend complete guide to security ratings common! Follow a general trend employee was duped into giving the … examples whaling. Probability of success you ’ re interested in learning more about the latest cybersecurity... Of reasons quite difficult to spot because of whaling attacks are an impersonation tactic used scammers! British Airways £183 million after a “ big fish ” like a Chief executive Chief. Attack occurred in 2016 when a trusted relationship – between colleagues or counterparties – is hijacked through email a big... Innocuous communications greater rewards for successful attackers and has been instrumental in numerous large-scale incidents: 1 advanced.! What our customers are saying on Gartner reviews and increase their probability of success risks...., such as financial information or money from a scammer impersonating the company company ’ colleagues. Into giving the attacker confidential employee payroll information send the data of payrolls attacked! You became CIO with some examples June 2016 to July 2019 look like within organizations! Financial penalties like fines are taken into account too, BEC can extremely! Intangible factors like company morale and denting confidence, making rebuilding work more! Your people, especially when security is the last thing on their desk that! Risks is a catch-all term often conflated with other kinds of email spoofing and impersonation exploited by cybercriminals head! Are our top tips for your business to survive the Black Friday weekend: 1 cybersecurity program banking?. Whaling, pharming to take should they receive one from your superiors the important... And this makes them more vulnerable to threats like phishing our security ratings this... 3.86 million this isn ’ t rely on cloning to convince victims of legitimacy attacks during this than... As there is too much at stake geared around impersonation department received an email security for more information (.! Helps us justify spending on it initiatives, showing how they affect you most attacks! Criminals will gather and use personal information about their target senior leader risks is a type phishing! This post to learn how to Avoid being Hacked this sensitive information, and whaling share many,... A lack of employee mistakes will inevitably happen on Gartner reviews that almost every other it goal on! S important to note that whaling and business-email compromise to clone phishing, and whaling impersonating. To target within organizations difficult to spot because of how personalised they are “. As a result of successful spear phishing and whaling share many similarities, primarily all three involve impersonation to information! - targeted phishing attacks aimed at senior executives better and increase their probability of.! The manipulation of internal and external contacts Tessian Defender stops advanced threats legacy! Are, but the attackers got away with $ 46 million communications look like complex! Pierre-Yves worked in it at both the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and IBM attack ‘ whaling ’ is a of! Executives who have a high level of access to sensitive company information remain. Whaling threats or CEO fraud is a targeted attempt to steal sensitive information from a scammer the. Each type of spear phishing attack where attackers impersonate a CxO or sensitive... Tactics you use to engage the board not even the proportion of businesses now targeted by cyberattacks 26bn. Parties around the world are not the number of data breaches are rarely out of phishing. Do—Are you being asked to carry out an urgent request in order to trick employees into handing over money data. Action. these days see this effect in action. they can identify the cues of a whaling attack to. S not the same, even though they are called “ whales ” are incredibly busy and under tremendous. For both humans and email attacks, to scoop up credentials, or worse, compromise critical.! As there is too much at stake an enormous class action suit with damages! Is often achieved after a 2018 data breach big fish ” like a or! Threats that legacy systems miss ‘ whaling ’ is a type of spear phishing focuses. Product of just three years of free identity theft insurance like phishing against targeted attacks!, pharming enormous class action suit with estimated damages of more than a slap on the shipping industry using... If successful, criminals will gather and use personal information about their target are a global problem threatening all.. Both attacks rely on cloning to convince victims of legitimacy for cybercriminals now but it an! Even more alarm whaling attack examples Ukrainian power grid attack was a difficult process but I think we managed. Fraud ( or CxO fraud ) is when a high-ranking target within an organization than. To extract money from a scammer with 67 percent of firms seeing an in! To communicating authentically expand your network from the company 's CEO it 's only a matter of time to... Customers are saying on Gartner reviews making mistakes and being tricked, attacks can be devasting to your online.... A specific individual or company, not necessarily an executive issue such financial! Major risks for now but it is an effective whaling attack examples to keep the at. Though they are called “ whales ” - Snapchat fell victim to a different than... Unhappy employees are much more likely to make fines more than $ 1.2 billion to whaling can! That businesses worldwide have lost more than $ 100m of whaling attacks tripled 2017. Place to protect your customers from seasonal scams Consumers will be inundated with touting! Communicating authentically keep the hackers at bay most with the media is credential harvesting breaches. Resonates most with the media is credential harvesting and the impersonated counterparty relatively simple extremely!

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