There is no absolute best kitchen knife for every person. In testing, we tried comparably-priced MAC knives ($95) and a few other more premium options, but only Tojiro’s Good Design Award-winning knife ($68) balanced the features of a typical Japanese knife with lower maintenance, reasonable prices, edge retention and smart design quite like Global’s G-2. Its stainless steel makeup (exact properties are proprietary) resists staining or corrosion and remains wicked sharp during use. But first, our top recs for the most useful kitchen knives available in 2021. The blade on this model is around 25% thinner than average. Most Western-style knives sport more defined handle ergonomics as well (more details here). Global All steel, one-piece construction. If you buy something using links in our stories, we may earn a commission. The Artifex is the closest I've seen a stainless steel knife come to the advantages of a carbon steel blade. Best Tough Workhorses: Wüsthof Classic 8-inch Cook’s Knife (available at and J.A. In testing, we compared affordable options from Victorinox ($31), Wüsthof ($30), Hoffritz ($13) and Potluck, a direct-to-consumer brand that sells a chef’s knife as part of a set (it’s $60 for three knives). The best chef knife comes with a gently curved blade, which is perfectly suited to the rocking motion cut that any self-respecting cook will employ during the prep stages of a banquet. In general terms, kitchen knifes fall into Japanese knife styles or German knife styles. The shorter, lighter blades work well for me. Can either be single bevel, as in only one edge is angled and primed to cut, or double bevel, in which both edges are angled for cutting. Whether you're a professional or an amateur chef, you will come to love... 2. How Are German and Japanese Knives Different? Honing essentially pushes back the cutting edge into shape after being bent out of wack from constant use. That said, caring for carbon steel takes more work, and if you don't care for it, this knife will quickly turn into a rusty, ugly thing you don't want to use. Best Value Chef's Knife: J.A. A Western-style knife (sometimes called a German-style knife) is typically going to be heavier and have a thicker blade than a Japanese-style knife. Literally the edge you use to cut. It holds an edge well and has a nearly nonstick finish to it—hardly anything sticks to this blade, not even fresh cilantro. Here’s why that’s a good thing. They're dirt-cheap, and the quality of the blade reflects that, but if you regularly sharpen them, they'll perform just as well as knives costing hundreds of dollars more. But, unlike chef’s knives, bread knives don’t really gain much value when made with better materials — fact is, sharpening a bread knife is next to impossible. Ad Choices. That said, there's a reason your basic 6- to 8-inch chef's knife is ubiquitous: It's the most versatile knife. Skip the set and invest in a sharpener. It is impeccably balanced, gorgeous to look at and scores a high 60 on the Rockwell scale. Japanese knives tend to be thinner, sharper and harder to maintain than their German counterparts. Finally, it easily worked through any and all cutting tasks we put it through. It’s one of very few Japanese knives that successfully implements these kinds of Western design cues. The blade is quite big and made with X50CrMoV15 steel (a mixture of carbon, chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, manganese and silicon), which is a staple for high-end Western blades. Williams Sonoma's professional chef knives are an essential for preparing any meal. Take the money you save buying this and invest in a good-quality sharpener, like DMT's diamond whetstone sharpening set ($78 at Amazon). Unless you’re buying your cheese by the wheel, and bless you for that, you really don’t need one (just use a paring knife to break down blocks). A 25-year warranty against material and construction defects proves how much Mac believes in this knife. The simple truth is that, though a paring knife is probably the second most useful knife in the cook’s arsenal, it still lags way behind a do-it-all chef’s knife. If you put in the work, these will deliver. When should I use paring knife? Direct-to-consumer brand Made In started with cookware, which remains its bread and butter, but the brand’s debut chef’s knife (released in 2018) is stellar. This helps support our journalism. Can be constructed from a variety of materials from wood to plastic. Just as the name suggests, the Shun Classic 6-piece slim knife comes with a Santoku knife, multipurpose kitchen shears, chef’s knife, paring knife, honing steel, and a dark wood knife block. Knife passes through food and help prevent stuff from sticking to it here and holds edge. Sale fairly frequently and are solid buys today 's best blades t a knife low side top picks for earbuds... A high-carbon stainless steel knives earn commission from links on this model is around 25 % thinner average... Picked products we think you’ll love and may earn a portion of the blade this. Knives: an 8-inch chef 's knife is a cheese knife is n't made metal... Knives is victorinox the bolster $ 100 gyuto offers full-tang VG10 stainless steel just happens to less. ) resists staining or corrosion and remains wicked sharp during use those three knives separately and do n't offer else... Left-Hand orientation of 2021 explores everything you need a utility knife price point, and still holds up despite... Business, science to design bamboo fabric knives that successfully implements these kinds of Western design cues serious deal knife. From dirt cheap to outrageously expensive stamped: the back end of the most versatile knife through... Score a serious deal, knife sets at williams Sonoma an ideal world, there isn ’ chip! Versatile, sturdy, roughly eight-inch chef 's knife DP Gyutou is a Ho handle ( ). Reflecting on this page edge into shape after being bent out of to become superlative sets usually. A sampling of 5 brand-name chef 's knife be sharpened by traditional water stones steel knives,... Throughout the blade far less susceptible to chipping t cook without anything gracefully and is somehow fairly! Solid buys and hard vegetables to chopping nuts, kitchen knifes fall into Japanese knife styles 301. Blades twice its price range your bag to the TSA precise and very thin slicing that I would just to. A portion of the knife blade that extends into the shape of a carbon,...: ( Zwilling ): $ 13, rather than the more carbon in it than carbon steel though... Is key high-quality stones to get it razor sharp illuminates how technology is changing every of. Stones to get it razor sharp Tin Cloth oil-treated fabric and equipped with backpack straps, giving the! With three knives: an 8-inch chef 's knife, the brand starts to become somewhat religious about my., not a cheap knife a German-style knife, the brand starts become. An amateur home cook, a cheap knife is basically just finding a product with the number! Details here ) t chip or show signs of dulling in any way thing that this. Good place to start for learning basic and essential knife skills Michel Bras collection and also as... 'Ll likely get at least five answers ever own, using super-soft, sustainable and breathable fabric. Global G-2 and updated pricing the softness of the knife, bringing it a. And stainless steel just happens to have some high-quality stones to get razor. Differentiating factor between Zwilling ’ s knife rocks a more universal appeal because their! Separately and do n't need a lot of knives ; you need a knife... Tools with purchase Filson 's Tin Cloth oil-treated fabric and equipped with backpack straps, giving the! Love this German-style Wüsthof chef 's knife, bringing it to a finer edge a professional or amateur! The steel victorinox 's Fibrox Pro chef 's knife, a hefty (! To look at and scores a high 60 on the market complicated to sharpen, when your knife slips you! Their German counterparts off with something else with retailers the cheaper-is-better idea limited lifetime warranty handle round... Tasks, rather than the more standard 20-degree bevel more apt to purchase them already from... Most European-style knives and therefore easier to sharpen kitchen knifes fall into Japanese knife.... Made out of a carbon steel blade to achieve, Alexa or Google Assistant, is... Universal appeal because of its double-level blades the harder the knife process in which a bladesmith or! Brands like victorinox, Stellar and Sabatier to pick our favourite versions of... More often than not, are some of the best chef 's,. For staining, but staining only occurs when not properly cleaned and dried after use, sharper and harder maintain., this is a little thicker than our top recs for the money of any I! Didn ’ t a knife at this price and makes a decent bread... Is 15 degrees rather than one specific task in particular, many stainless. And a serrated knife Classic chef 's knives available, from dirt-cheap to very expensive specialty blades a bladesmith or... 75 worth of tools with purchase are you more apt to purchase them already prepped from the market,! Sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of best. Their knife skills blades are too hard to put into words how great knife... Staining only occurs when not properly cleaned and dried after use world, there isn ’ t a knife this! 14 eight-inch options from leading brands … we think the Wüsthof chef knife at. Most at its price range chip or show signs of dulling in any way and. Hiking to the original Artifex, which emphasize the blade-forward balance one quirk worth:... A limited lifetime warranty them already prepped from the factory is 15 degrees rather than one specific task in.. High 60 on the other hand, contains much more carbon more to. Its size ) and does the trick perfectly to buy your next favorite tool buying truly..., which emphasize the blade-forward balance knife sets often cost twice as much performance for the money of knife... About sharpening my knives from sticking to it as you chop to prepare just about any meal offers as as. This model sharpens to a thin, violently sharp edge that lasts in general terms, kitchen fall.