Go through the list to find the diagram you want to draw and start creating them right away. Watch the video. Explaining simple things can be very complicated. Structured Approach to Solution Architecture Alan McSweeney 2. Educate your team in the need for respecting architectural dependencies. The following are illustrative examples of solution architecture. Architectural diagrams allow for discourse, conveyance of information and abstraction of the organisational software engineering edifice. What is a good tool to create them? A Block Diagram showing Solution Architecture. You can edit this Block Diagram using Creately diagramming tool and include in your report/presentation/website. It's somewhat like a blueprint that you use as a guide so that you and your colleagues can discuss, improve, and follow. Architectures to help you design and implement secure, highly available, high-performance, resilient solutions on Azure. Azure Architecture solution bundles into one handy tool everything you need to create effective Azure Architecture diagrams. Optimize your Azure cloud architecture. Solution architecture is a structural design that addresses a set of functional and non-functional requirements.Generally speaking, solution architecture is immediately implemented as a program, project or change.