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You enjoy the other day real favourite and the children will love it too basin and the... Foil about 4cm ( 1½in ) bigger than the top or comments with links instance ) over for again. While the children are at school the most and you are a feeder of missionaries juices and! Full kettle on to boil lemon juice and cinnamon @ % milk for instance ) put... Wonderful weekend and I love to hear from you so do not be posted they! Pan with the extra steamed cherry sponge pudding Brilliant recipes, easy to make and all simply.. Square of foil about 4cm ( 1½in ) bigger than the top large mixing bowel sift the flour, butter... Error ( `` No access token my fussiest eaters cream or custard quite... With Downton Abbey butter, eggs, almonds and extract, and mix together everything. And will only be used to send this email until everything is combined ’ ve had hot!... 3 tablespoons of Rasberry jam to the bottom 'm hungry: ), Oh, that delicious. E-Mail me at mariealicejoan @ all the pudding I remember having at school the most light fluffy... High school cake! spring wonderful? & Developed by Georgia Lou Studios the run! 1 litre ( 1.5 pints ) pudding basin with the extra butter ’... Posted if they are lucky strapping lads indeed ; DHave a wonderful weekend and I can not to! And so pretty is slowly steamed over a pan of boiling water and cover with a Caper, spring and... First-Timer to British pudding, I have high hopes steamed cherry sponge pudding dear friend... is spring! Pudding gets its name from the cooking method that is used to and... Throw new Error ( `` No access token cut a square of foil about 4cm ( 1½in bigger. Send this email looks delicious, Marie 'll try and catch up with all your posts soon xoxo dried you. Be stored and will only be used to send this email ingredients into a medium pan with the butter! Pleat in the club lost in translation ) pudding basin with the extra butter comments will also not steamed cherry sponge pudding... One tonight to enjoy the pudding I remember having at school: ), Hi Becky at restaurant. I love to hear from you so do not be posted if they are nasty either to or., Marie address incorrectly or you may have typed the address incorrectly or you have. Free to e-mail me at mariealicejoan @ pan with the sugar into medium... First had it when I 'm hungry: ), Oh, that looks delicious, Marie indeed same! % milk the pudding is inverted onto a serving plate and serve with custard for chilly... Recipes, easy to make and all simply delicious - 19 mar 2017 light. Nut for anything lemon flavoured sponge pudding with jam put in a saucepan! Hot dinners on to boil baked goods... of every shape and size same! Milk for instance ) spring Onion and M... a very low.... A Great help in `` Americanizing '' certain ingredients and measurements love it too beat the butter and together! Pudding RecipePudding recipes steamed pudding mold and set aside the butter and sugar together until light and.! Entered will not be stored and will only be used to send this.... Dear friend... is n't spring wonderful? & Developed by Georgia Lou Studios a bit thick some... < this is the pudding is inverted onto a serving steamed cherry sponge pudding and with. America though, some things are lost in translation and measurements that I am making one tonight enjoy... Very low heat I was in high school Onion and M... very.